How it all began...

Pebble+Frost was born from a love of the beautiful Southwest coast and countryside, and a mutual appreciation of Fashion, Art and interior design, gained from past experience in both the retail sector and property development, with a shared love of travelling.
in 2016, the two long time friends Lubi (Dorset based) and Tracy (Somerset Based) decided after many long lunches discussing ideas, and looking for something to satisfy both their passions that:
What if they started selling affordable lifestyle products?
Nurtured off the back of a few crumpled bits of paper they decided that the time was right, and set up a company inspired by the coast and countryside of home, and places they'd chanced upon during their travels.
Pebble+Frost was thus launched.
Primarily as an online store, but also at events, and with a pop-up presence.
The aim being to introduce interesting and affordable lifestyle products.
  • sourcing clothing in natural silks, linen and cotton.
  • Jewellery inspired by nature.
  • Accessories and home finishing touches.
  • Lifestyle treats.
"We set up a little shop as a launch party, inviting friends, neighbours, and guests, and it had such a buzz. With a couple of products completely selling out! Our conviction was proven. We're excited about what's next." - Lubi and Tracy